How to feel better after a holiday

It’s that time of the year when people head for the winter sun for relaxation and to top up the batteries. But on an all-inclusive beach deal it’s all too easy to overcharge instead.

I’ve just returned from a short family break in Fuerteventura but watching my fellow holiday-makers, I wondered how many of them will come home refreshed or tired and heavier?

All-you-can eat buffets combined with inactivity can wreck your normal healthy routine, but here are three simple reminders for how to feel great after your break.

Be active

Most of us have office based jobs which keep us inactive, so treat yourself on holiday to some activity time.

A morning walk on empty helps burn fat and, after a big meal, helps digestion.

The pool isn’t just for sunbathing around, either. Why not swim a few lengths before a meal?

We also hired bikes to explore the area, which was great fun and active.

Get your money’s worth from the whole experience, not just the buffet

Are you eating three courses every meal because you want them or because you’ve paid for them? We watched a child eat four chocolate donuts for breakfast! It’s a shame the hotel puts the temptation in our way, but try to resist!

Eating like this is why a lot of us struggle with our weight – and losing half a stone takes twice as long as putting it on.

Avoid the deprive/reward cycle

I saw some guests munching on a tiny salad for lunch and then, no doubt feeling virtuous, snacking on Pringles or ice cream all afternoon. People are justifiers – once you’ve justified your reward for a small lunch it’s easier to keep doing it.

Do you need to eat and drink in excess to have fun?

Ask yourself, what do you want from your holiday?

Is your goal to drink more, eat more, gain weight and feel bloated? The modern world makes us feel stressed and run down, but eating and drinking to excess doesn’t give your body a rest. A short break should be an opportunity to recover.