Kirsty Carter (Personal Trainer)

I’ve always been one of those annoying people who does every exercise going and loves it! But since becoming a mum, I’ve learned a whole lot more about how the right activity and nutrition contribute to enjoying life. Now I want to help others in my position to reach their own goals.

I spent my 20s pounding the pavements and going to gym classes, but when I reached my 30’s I realised I needed to train smarter. I found a personal trainer and learned about lifting weights, which is when my body shape really began to change. That was also the time I also started my steep learning curve in nutrition.
Working full time in an office, I started my personal journey to becoming a trainer, with a Level Two qualification in teaching and in 2011 I ran two lessons a week on a part-time basis.

I became pregnant in 2014 and this encouraged me to take my pre and post-natal qualification, initially for my own benefit, but I was able to apply what I learned to train other ladies like myself, who wanted to keep active during pregnancy.

In December 2014, I gave birth to my son, George. By being fit and healthy I had what I think was an incredibly easy labour.

After spending the next eight weeks meeting other mums, drinking coffee and eating cake I realised I needed to do something different. This set me off on my next journey - to get my pre-pregnancy body back!
Sleep deprivation is hard enough; add a baby that wants to feed from you every couple of hours and you really need some extra help, so I followed a nutrition plan and was back at my pre-baby weight within 16 weeks.
I only had limited time for 20-minute workouts, assuming I had the energy (and a black coffee!). But what was more important to me was that although I was incredibly tired, I actually felt amazing.

Since then, I’ve maintained my weight and increased training whilst looking after my son; I have also qualified with a Level 3 diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training.

Now I understand better the importance of fuelling your body with the right foods and exercising in a way that fits your lifestyle to feel good and live a healthier life.