For a healthy body, nutrition is just as important as fitness.

Here at Body Conditioning, we believe that food should be enjoyed – however, it also provides the fuel your body needs to function optimally. Therefore, it’s important to make conscious, healthy decisions regarding your diet.

This is why our expert team place just as much emphasis on healthy eating as we do on personal training. We offer a range of services designed to help you live the healthiest life possible, and to make nutrition choices suitable to you and your lifestyle.

While we provide nutritional services to every client who undertakes personal training with us, we understand that there are those who require isolated services to help them understand more about food and our body’s relationship with it.

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If you make the time to exercise but would just like a bit more guidance when it comes to your eating habits, we can help.

To get started, simply write down everything you’re eating in the form of a food diary. This will provide us with information about your current eating habits, including your preferences when it comes to portions, timings, and food types. These are all components which can make a huge difference to your weight, how you feel, and your overall health.

Using this information, we can create a completely personalised eating plan for you. Your plan will take into account your current lifestyle; so whether you have a high-pressure job or tend to eat out a lot, we can help you maintain control over your eating habits by providing bespoke solutions and ideas, helping you to make healthier, smarter choices that work for you.

Here at Body Conditioning, one of our favourite sayings is: “results breed results”. Sometimes, just a little bit of progress can spur you on to achieving even bigger and better things. In the same way, being focused for a short period of time can motivate and stimulate you to make a change for life. This is where our unique 28 Day Eating Plan comes in.

How does it work?

Don’t worry, it’s not an impossible fad diet that may leave you slimmer, but also drained, tired and irritable. The 28-day eating plan is a sustainable eating plan designed to re-educate both you and your body. But don’t be fooled – it’s still a challenge! Challenges are a great way to shake up your routine and push yourself out of the boundaries of your comfort zone.

So, why 28 days? Four weeks is the scientifically proven length of time that it takes to create new habits. By the end of the 28 days, you’ll feel fitter, healthier, and encouraged to incorporate what you learned into your everyday life.

As part of the plan, you’ll receive:

• Guidelines of what and how to eat.
• Recipes and ideas to bring our advice to life in your kitchen.
• Personalised shopping lists to keep it simple when shopping.
• Advice on external factors such as sleep, stress and exercise.
• Online support and expert guidance throughout the programme.

Results for life!

By the end of your 28 day eating plan, not only will you be proud of your achievement, but you’ll have the invaluable knowledge of what makes your body tick. This short burst of guided eating and exercising will not only rejuvenate your health, but revitalise your metabolism, meaning you’ll have an increased ability to burn fat, build muscle, produce energy and ultimately – extend your life.
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