Still not sure about making the change? Read how Body Conditioning helped some of our clients.

Ben Summerfield, Petersfield (Age 30)

Just a quick note to thank you for the very useful time we’ve had this year. As you know, when I came to see you, I had been training hard for a while and achieved significant weight loss (starting at 19 stone). However, I had hit an obstacle and was no longer finding my training sessions productive; neither gaining muscle or losing further weight, causing a degree of unproductive despondence. With your help, I now really feel I have made very significant progress even in a short space of time and now feel both fitter, leaner and more motivated than ever – the best result I could have hoped for.

I found you to be both knowledgeable and personable, which made the whole process a pleasure as well as achieving the results I so badly wanted. Your level of understanding is simply not available at ‘the local’ gym, where they may just give you a program – if you’re lucky. As you so rightly point out – and I now understand – general lifestyle and nutrition as well as other factors all make a large contribution towards what you are able to achieve. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone that is serious about improving their lifestyle through health and fitness related means – I have not only gained in terms of fitness but have also got a much better understanding of the whole concept.

If you would like to pass this to any potential client of yours, I would be delighted to make a personal recommendation should they wish to contact me directly.


Verity Smith, Petersfield (Age 27)

Goal: Weight loss, Improve fitness and diet
In a word, Impressed. I am an extremely happy customer, and would recommend Barry to anyone who wants to achieve weight loss targets.
I have trained with Barry for 11 months, and I have lost 7.5 stone, this has made a real difference to my fitness and energy levels. My initial meeting with Barry was really helpful as it gave me a clear understanding of what to expect from my training. My training with Barry has two important elements, one is the intense workout twice a week and the other is food and nutrition advice. I have always found Barry to be dedicated and hard working, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about nutrition and a vast range of exercises. He is highly professional, reliable and enthusiastic in his approach to his clients, with a good sense of humour.   Barry has motivated me over the months, and I have achieved more than I ever anticipated, by making small and consistent changes.   My workouts in the gym are interesting and varied and I am pushed just to the right level.


Paul Sherlock, Petersfield (Age 54)

Goal: Weight loss, improve fitness

Like many of us, you would probably like to be fitter, healthier and in better shape. Most of us think that fuelled by this desire and initial enthusiasm that a quick visit to the Gym once or twice a week can achieve this.

The problem I found with this method is lack of knowledge together with lack of direction. Like many sports it is possible to pick up bad habits without proper guidance and instruction, I know of some people that have caused themselves physical harm by training incorrectly. The other difficulty is that we tend to concentrate on exercises we like and pay far less attention to other important exercises. The enthusiasm begins to subside and we don’t get anywhere very quickly. Asking Barry for his help and guidance was the best decision I made last year. He has a deep understanding of the relationship between lifestyle, eating correctly, training and regular exercise. He works closely with you every step of the way, develops training sessions which are interesting, challenging but also very rewarding. You will get invaluable advice on dietary requirements and general lifestyle and he monitors your progress every step of the way.

If you have any weaknesses or injuries he will develop a program which enables you to train around the problem and in many cases, even fix it. His depth of knowledge is remarkable and for me, my enthusiasm has grown over the months rather than dwindled.

When I first asked Barry for help, I was overweight, lethargic, a bit stressed out and eating badly. In only three months, I lost 1.5 stone without ever going hungry, increased my overall fitness to a level which has enabled me to enjoy my exercise routine, I’m in far better shape and feel so much more healthy and able to deal with life in a positive way and it has rebuilt my self confidence. Whatever your fitness requirements are, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Barry as your personal trainer, it will probably be the best decision you make this year!


Sally Dawson - Polo Player, Midhurst (Age 27)

Polo Player

In April 2011 I started a training course with Barry in order to increase my fitness and strength and to help avoid injury due to the physical exertion that playing polo puts on the body especially with an over emphasised curvature of the spine.

Previous trainers had only added to my problems resulting in me being unable to play or even move without pain.

Barry identified my weaknesses immediately and I completed the season injury and pain free with an improved posture due to the tailored programme that he created for me.

Barry has a fantastic eye for detail – no slacking, cheating or deterioration of posture allowed!

Above all he has an exceptional enthusiasm for training and takes a real interest in his clients well being, health and training.

His sessions are fun and varied avoiding training becoming mundane which can often lead to people giving up.

No matter how impossible you think your goal will be to achieve, Barry will get you there with laughter all the way.

I will definitely continue training with Barry. His sessions have not only become part of my weekly routine but also he has become a valuable asset and fundamental part of the CPG Polo team

Thank you!

Sally dawson


Laura Wise, Age 17

I’ve been training with Barry for a year now. My brother and mum were training with Barry regularly and I went to lose weight before summer. I hadn’t weighed myself or exercised properly in a while and was 57.7 kg when I started. I wanted to get down to 50 kg.

I started doing half an hour intense sessions with Barry to improve my fitness, lose fat and gain muscle. It almost immediately improved my confidence and energy levels, as well as my fitness. I now fluctuate between 50-51kg, which I am very happy with.

Barry has entirely changed my lifestyle as well as my families. I feel much more confident and content in myself. He has been extremely helpful in improving my nutrition diet and fitness and is very enthusiastic and involved in the journey.


Mick Micklethwaite – Age 52

I was going to start this testimonial by saying: “Barry has been my personal trainer for the last ten years, starting not long after I decided to make a lifestyle change in my early forties to lose weight and gain in fitness.” But then I thought, no. It sounds so much like everybody else approaching their mid-life crisis and wondering what to do about it.

The real point is, Barry knows his stuff and keeps abreast of the latest. He loves his job, and is passionate about fitness and health. And this has been key for my training, because he has an infectious enthusiasm that helps keeps me disciplined to train week in week out – and discipline is the biggest thing I need. I am basically ill-disciplined (aka lazy) and Barry has kept me focussed – for ten years and counting. I like and need his emphasis on lifestyle-change rather than crash-change.

Key to my training with Barry has been nutrition, and we have worked hard together on this.

But also, in my case, and importantly at my age, I have found him to be quick to respond when injuries surface. So at this point I really need to mention my lower back, because I’m a middle-aged bloke and pain in the lower back is what middle-aged men like me like to talk about. In my case, I have had prolapsed discs in the lower back on several occasions in the past, leaving me with a persistent weakness. Some years ago, Barry began additional training with me once a week for a solid hour of core work, targeting abdominal and lower back strength and mobility in all areas of movement, which has massively stabilised my back. This has helped me hugely in normal life, and in training allowed me to lift much heavier much safer.

Would I recommend Barry as a Personal Trainer? Without question, yes. But my weekly slots in his diary are mine, and not for sale at any price.


Tom Hall (46)

We started PT because we wanted to get in shape for a trip away; in the event not only did we get fitter, we enjoyed our the sessions and felt so much healthier all round that we made our PT session part of our weekly routine. Barry is a great coach in getting the most out of life through healthy living; his knowledge about fitness through exercise, nutrition and balance is second to none.



I started with Barry on April 2011. I was in a situation in my life where I need to make and take drastic action. I always had good intentions of making a change to my life but if I’m honest I just kept putting it off. I searched the local area and found Barry online. He had worked with many people and from he looked like the kind of trainer I needed to see. Weighing 28 ½ stone I felt uncomfortable and simple things in life became a huge challenge. I made the plunge and started my journey with Barry. Our journey started slow by making small food changes and moving more regularly. We started off by walking and we increased the exercise as I started to get fitter. I was quickly learning that losing weight and being healthy was a lot more complex than just exercise. He would assess sleep, look at food choices and calories, and explain the importance of other things such as water. These were introduced slowly so I didn’t feel over whelmed like I use to when I tried losing weight on my own. As the weeks went on I was losing around 2lbs a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Barry explained that 2lbs a week was a suitable amount to lose and increased the chances of keeping it off for good. After 6 months of our journey we had lost approximately 4 stone and I was feeling great. I was walking more, exercising more and my quality of life was so much better. We finished our journey together after one year. We battled on and I managed to lose 9 ½ stone. I needed new clothes and my life was transformed. I changed my work schedule and I headed to Miami a new man. 3 years on I have sustained most of my weight loss and still enjoy my new lifestyle. We have become good friends and I still keep in touch. Barry’s knowledge and guidance made all this possible and I am so happy I made that call. For me now, it’s all about sustaining my great results.